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Agency presentation

41 avenue Montaigne 75008 Paris

To define the singular identity of an interior design agency, turning to those who trust it is the most natural approach.

If they symbolize the French art of living, if they are present all over the world, if they are innovative, if they are demanding and if their own clients demand perfection, if they know how to constantly change to endure, let us wager that their loyalty to Moinard Bétaille owes nothing to chance.

From London to Chengdu, to Moscow, Kyoto and Dubai, wherever civilizations are rich enough to embrace other cultures, Moinard Bétaille instill a dose of French spirit, like a spice whose power they master. If they borrow from the expertise of exceptional craftsmen, central to the French imagination since the eighteenth century, this knowledge is turned towards the centuries to come, to produce or awaken the heritage of tomorrow.

Moinard Bétaille: Between these two names, more than a complicity: a proven artistic and aesthetic alliance in full flight, far-seeing and far-reaching, in the service of prestigious brands and prestigious personalities.

Together, these roaming architects have risen to sound heights, striving for excellence. When their latest projects, hailed by the international press, are mentioned, their joint contribution is patently obvious. Their complementarity is now also part of the Avenue Montaigne agency’s pediment.

For some of the most mythical luxury hotels in the world, they have sought and found osmosis with the city. Beyond the discreet elegance of their concepts, their signature can be perceived, surprise after surprise, discovery after discovery. From the curve of a basin reinterpreting an ancient Chinese earthenware jar to the copper form set in a tile…

Discover, rediscover: this is their response to the challenge of the already-seen-elsewhere and of lassitude.

Much in demand for private residences that plunge the gaze into the Mediterranean and others that embrace the Eiffel Tower, they have employed the expertise of artisans, as well as advanced techniques wisely mastered, aiming at timelessness far more than the latest trend, so quick to fade. What memories linger of a villa by the ocean or the reception area of a private bank? The freshness of a stone beside the bed, an iridescence that can be sensed on a couch, a light that suddenly fills you with wonder.

With confidence, sacred estates of Bordeaux, Burgundy  and Champagne regions have similarly switched to a different aesthetic, without relinquishing any of their splendor, to the great pleasure of lovers of grands crus.
In the spaces of Michelin-starred restaurants, where they are moreover sometimes confronted with majestic decors, these epicureans have designed alcoves, and convinced their clients that comfortable leather and acoustics respectful of intimacy precede sensory sensations and increase them tenfold.

Finally, their boutiques on all continents, which are anything but standardized, evolve with the times and do not look alike. Each one offers a luxurious experience. They are sometimes visited, like a family home steeped in the history of the brand.

Moinard Bétaille, with its team of forty-five, uses the latest techniques, mastered with wisdom, aiming at timelessness much more than the latest trend that ages so quickly.